2018-2019 1. Dönem AÖL İngilizce 6 Çıkmış Sorular

2018-2019 1. Dönem AÖL İngilizce 6 Çıkmış Sorular yayınlandı. Sınav sorularını online çözebilirsiniz. Soruları pdf olarak indirmek için sayfanın alt kısmındaki PDF İNDİR butonuna tıklayın

Soru 1.

David : Last term I failed all my exams.
Susan : You——–have been very disappointed.

Soru 2.

Alice did no revision for the exam but she’s passed. I think she – – – – have cheated.

Soru 3.

The door was———by Kevin.

Soru 4.

Mr. White bought a new sports car! He must have———the lottery.

Soru 5.

……….is an art of forming solid objects that represent a thing,person, idea, etc.

Soru 6.

……..means belonging to the distant past.

Soru 7.

The house was———-by Mary.

Soru 8.

The postman…………the letters.

Soru 9.

The activity in the picture is – – – -.

Soru 10.

My brother loves – – – -.

Soru 11.

Leonard : I’m so excited. Guess
what I’m doing.
Tom: I have no idea———?
Leonard : I’m going cliff diving!

Soru 12.

Amanda can——–Spanish very well.

Soru 13.

The place———was very dirty.

Soru 14.

—–is the period of being a child.

Soru 15.

My English teacher,———is from Cuba, has started a salsa club.

Soru 16.

This is the book,———I promised to lend to you.

Soru 17.

A——-to air pollution is to use public transport.

Soru 18.

———-means a specific person or thing.

Soru 19.

You can———-grow corn or wheat here in this season.

Soru 20.

Mr. Brown wants to have – – – -vanilla and chocolate in his ice-cream.


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