2018 3. Dönem AÖO 7. Sınıf İngilizce 7 Çıkmış Sorular

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Soru 1.

I was walking on the street_________I saw the accident.

Soru 2.

We should clean our house by __________.

Soru 3.

My teacher is sure we________our lessons.

Soru 4.

Kızılırmak is the__________river in Turkey.

Soru 5.

Paula : How did you go on your summer holiday last year?
Erica : I________by plane.

Soru 6.

I saw one of my old friends at the theatre ________.

Soru 7.

I______spend lots of money on clothes in the past but I don’t now.

Soru 8.

If I studied more, I_________the exam.

Soru 9.

you walked fast, you would catch the bus.

Soru 10.

I couldn’t go to school last week_________I was ill.

Soru 11.

Liam : How often do you brush your teeth?
Jack : __________.

Soru 12.

Joe : It is between the cinema and the school.

Soru 13.

Max : I have a terrible headache.
Mel :____________

Soru 14.

Where__________you last weekend?

Soru 15.

Carla is_________Sally.

Soru 16.

Mary’s pencil is red. Bill’s pencil is blue. Mary’s pencil is__________Bill’s pencil.

Soru 17.

I_________go to work on weekdays.

Soru 18.

Jason__________a hamburger?
Peter : Yes, please.

Soru 19.

My brother__________read and write when he was 4 years old.

Soru 20.

You_______do your homework on time.


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